Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
A slice of paradise in Akumal, Mexico


Monday, August 10, 2009


Turn off the highway towards the east onto any dirt road that may have a sign that says “playa” and one of the many pearls that string the shore line in the Riviera Maya will be revealed where the road meets the sea. Up and down the coast, beautiful half moon shaped bays both large and small offer an authentic experience. Be careful, the road may be rutted and rough, and at the end there may be a man who asks for pesos and points to parking, or maybe a small beach club where you buy some cold beers for the privilege of sitting on the powder white sand where there is no one else. Unless it’s Sunday, a lovely day to watch all the hard working local people enjoy their beautiful land. The sea may be sandy or rocky, rough or practically flat, but it will always be ten shades of blue. Blue that cools the eyes and calms the mind.

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