Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
A slice of paradise in Akumal, Mexico


Monday, July 26, 2010

Uses for an avocado

Avocado is particularly delicious in the Yucatan. The flavor is sweeter, fuller, greener and more buttery than the avocados I buy here on the east coast. It’s so easy to find the perfect ripeness for the day or next couple of days to enjoy. You may also see the larger, rounder avocado. It’s flesh is more yellow, and not as rich tasting.
Score the skin and cut through the flesh down to the pit, moving vertically. When you’ve cut all the way around, twist the two halves in opposite directions to pull them apart. Remove the large pit by tapping it lightly with your knife blade and twisting the avocado off the pit. Carefully push the pit off the knife blade. Score the flesh of each half horizontally in half inch slices and free the slices by running a spoon inside the skin.
Now you have perfect slices of avocado for many uses!
Use on top of salads, fold them into quesadillas, mash it into guacamole, serve with scrambled eggs for breakfast, drizzle with a little olive oil and sea salt, or just a squeeze of lime! Make a sandwich with sliced tomatoes, cube and fold into chicken salad, or eat it plain, avocadoes are full of vitamins, protein and healthy fat so enjoy this healthy treat. Don’t forget to save the skin and rub the remainder all over your face and body! It’s a soothing mask full of nutrients and moisturizers that are so good for your skin. Not too attractive when you have it on, however, so plan that for when you’re alone!

Friday, July 9, 2010

People of Mexico

One thing that will strike you when you visit the Yucatan is the people. They are quick to smile or offer help. There is a genuine warmth that perhaps is born of the easy climate.
Many people in the tourist services speak very good English, but don’t let that stop you
from digging out your rusty high school Spanish skills! We have found that many of the
people love to teach you a bit of their language, so don’t be shy about asking about pronunciations or usage. They will often in turn ask you about English words, as they
work on improving their communication with the tourists. I speak a bit of Spanish and love to try to talk to non English speaking Mexican people! As I begin in Spanish, I am frequently understood, but the trouble comes when they answer me back! Yikes, rapid fire conversation ensues and I am quickly lost. Oh well. I try to get them to slow down and can usually pick out the gist of the communication. Even with just a few words in common, sign language and gestures, we are usually able to get our needs met, obtain directions, or learn about the speaker in some way. Their proud smiles and shy nods of the head are heartwarming! Don’t rush to judgment about someone’s clothing or mode of transportation. Here the values run deeper, with family and friendship holding high value. Work to earn the respect of your Mexican hosts who serve you so graciously and you will be rewarded with the warmth that keeps us returning to Mexico year after year.