Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
A slice of paradise in Akumal, Mexico


Monday, August 10, 2009


Just take a turn anywhere you see a sign that says “cenote” and you will be blessed with cool, fresh water to rinse the salt from your body and refresh your sunbaked head. Pay a small fee to the gate person, who is probably the owner of the private property you are visiting. Wear sturdy shoes; sometimes you may have to walk a bit, and the limestone rock that makes up the bulk of the topography in this area is impossible to negotiate barefoot. You may need your shoes to climb out of the cenote, so water shoes are best.
Search for cenotes with cliffs for jumping from and be daring. The water is so clear, it’s impossible to tell how deep it is until you get in and look beneath the surface. Frequently it will be 30 to 50 feet deep, so jump away! Feel the exhilaration of flying through the air and splashing down in the mineral rich water. Sometimes there will be a rope or old wooden ladder to haul yourself out and do it again, many times you will crawl across slippery rocks and make your way back up the hill to the cliff or platform. Bring your snorkel mask and look around, you will not see many fish, but beautiful cave formations
and stalagtites. Better yet is a scuba tour of these fine cave systems if you are certified.
Then you will be treated to an underwater visual feast as you shine your light upon colorful natural creations hundreds of thousands of years old. Cenotes have been fresh water sources for this region since the times of the indigenous peoples, so treat the cenote with the respect and reverence they practiced. These are a phenomenon unique to this region of the country of Mexico and the Caribbean so don’t miss it.

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