Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
A slice of paradise in Akumal, Mexico


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fishing Adventures

One of the best fishing trips I have ever taken was in a little panga leaving a small bay with a captain and mate, my husband and I. I had never looked at the shoreline
from the sea, so consequently I was fascinated trying to pick out landmarks and get
different views of some of the villas and condo buildings that line the shore.
As we motored north, there were many areas still undeveloped; small lagoon inlets and sandy beaches, thick jungle.
On to the fishing! We trolled with four rods in the water, moving north along the shoreline. The water was sapphire blue. No bites. We turn south and move farther offshore and see bigger boats from the large marinas in Puerto Adventuras. We wave from our tiny panga, clutching our little bench seats. Suddenly a pole jerks and the mate is handing it to me and shouting in Spanish. I get the idea and start reeling the line and then my husband gets a bite. I reel in my fish, an eight pound Spanish Mackeral and my husband lands a similar sized barracuda. The only difference being, my fish had the tail end of it chomped off (probably by a shark, they sense helplessness) while I reeled it in.
It lay thrashing and bleeding in the bottom of the boat, as I looked on and moved as far away from it as possible!
A successful fishing trip! And a lovely bonus is that the local restaurant will prepare a multitude of dishes with your fish for your pleasure that evening, or you can take it home and prepare it yourself. We usually also give the captain and mate some of the fish, as well as the customary cash tip.
There are many other types of fishing to be found in the area, from freshwater lagoons or lake fishing to salt flat bone fishing or larger game fishing like marlin or sailfish. The choices in outfitters or guides are plentiful, so get out there and go catch dinner!

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  1. The same thing happened to us. I can't remember our guys name, that someone on locogringo.com recommended, but when my nephew was reeling in a barracuda something came up near the top of the water and bit it's tail off. We had half a barracuda and three of us could have sworn it was a shark, just by the shape and color of it.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures. I will continue to follow. I've visited Akumal Sur three times now and am hooked for life!